So here you have an inventor who is already in his mid-seventies trying to sell his tongue brush, an invention he perfected over 10 years ago. Bad breath does not lead to bad company; it just leads to no one wanting to be in your company. With an observed fact that 90% of bad breath is due to a dirty tongue, Dr. Robert Wagstaff thought he had had a hit. However, after spending a good sum of money on traditional advertising, nothing happened.

Even students in a particular class (he was trying to find help) at Brigham Young University, in Utah, said that the product wasn’t interesting; except for one student, Jeffery Harmon. He believed the product could find success online. Based on commission and very little capital outlay, he produced a video and uploaded it on YouTube. That was in 2009, as they say the rest is history.  Their YouTube channel already has over 39 million views. They have over 200,000 likes on Facebook as well.

This online popularity also translated into actual sales. Online sales increased. They were also able to sell their product at a local Walmart store. However, they did not rest on their clean-tongued laurels as the company recently announced that they are now available in Walmart stores nationwide.

The Provo, Utah based company, Orabrush, Inc.  reportedly made $2 million in revenue in 2010 and is projected to make $10 million in 2011: a giant leap.

It’s so inspiring; an inventor in his mid-seventies unsuccessfully trying to sell his product; a college student at home with the internet and social media; and YouTube. What a combination. It shows the power of the internet and how age should not be an excuse to give up.