ATDynamics is dedicated to bringing the freight and transportation industry into the future through the use of energy-saving aerodynamics technology. First of all, the San Francisco-based company of fifteen employees does this by ensuring that its own operations has as minimal an impact on its surrounding environment as possible through the use of reused and recycled materials, using communication, invoice, and purchase order systems that are electronic-based, telecommuting, energy-saving laptops, and even furniture made of scrap wood or prototype materials or comes from second-hand stores.


The work and vision of ATDynmanics and other likeminded companies is extremely important, welcomed, and needed. The more bright minds looking into these energy-saving issues the better, for now many of these measures and technologies do not make financial sense for the average consumer or business. For this technology to truly and honestly work it needs to be able to stand on its own without any government subsidies; and the creation of relatively low-tech items such as TrailerTails is one great way to get energy-saving devices into the public at large.

Thus far, ATDynamics has been successful at reducing its carbon footprint. Through the use of the calculator, ATD has calculated that it has already successfully removed twenty tons of annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its operations. Furthermore, the company says that it has cut an additional 2,2000 metric tons of CO2 from its annual output through the use of its TrailerTail technology. The company believes that the Trailer Tail also saves it $200,000 in diesel costs each year.