The relationship between Coldwater Cattle Company President Joe Batson and the Amarillo, Texas business community extends over a lifetime involved in ranching, oil and gas development, and media production. Born into a prominent cattle and ranching family with more than a century of history in the Texas Panhandle, Joe Batson began working for Coldwater Cattle Company as a teenager in the 1960s. He initially fulfilled cowboy responsibilities traditional to ranching on the high plains. He also earned pilot licenses for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft at an early age, allowing him to take the position of Chief Pilot. He later undertook the role of Vice President.

Today, Joe Batson is well-recognized in the Amarillo community as President of Coldwater Cattle Company and as an Officer of the Grid Oil Company. He also has executive experience in the financial industry, having chaired the First National Bank of Dumas in Amarillo prior to its 1986 sale.

In addition to his background in ranching and banking, Mr. Batson has enjoyed a distinguished career in advertising and media production. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Communication and Radio-Television-Film, he worked for several years as a Purchaser at the Amarillo advertising firm Monte Rosenwald and Associates. In 1981, he established Berneta Communications, Inc., a film company that produced nationally recognized films for nonprofit groups such as the United Way. Joe Batson maintains longstanding involvement in annual productions of TEXAS, the Official Play of the State of Texas, by the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, of which he is a founding lifetime member.