Since its founding in 1881, the Sealy Mattress Company has become synonymous with comfortable, well-crafted mattresses. But its line of Posturepedic mattresses, designed especially to help people in need of back support, has long been in the grips of faltering sales since is 1950s glory days; in a mattress showroom, the more expensive Posturepedic model simply failed to stand out. Which is why Sealy brought in Ideo to revitalize and reinvigorate the brand.

Ideo focused on two main areas when it approached the Posturepedic: the design, and the features of the mattress. They made the mattress stand out among the others in a showroom by making the foundation light blue and the top white. Ideo added extra support to the hip area of the mattress, making it even more beneficial for people with back issues. And with the addition of a lightly-gripping rubber layer to keep sheets in place, and a set of handles along the sides for easy transport, Ideo took the mattress to the next level.

It’s just the thing to help Sealy move its Posturepedic mattresses, and after a disastrous fourth quarter in 2011, it may be just the thing to make the company profitable again.