Cloud computing is the way of the future. And for good reason. Not only does it make things like your software and documents more readily accessible on virtually any machine, it goes a long way to removing hardware restrictions altogether. But a new company, Numecent, is poised to take cloud computing one step further by taking it offline. Current cloud models require an internet connection while you are accessing your data; but Numecent’s innovation splits data into “pages” that can be stored for later viewing.

There are many different applications for Numecent’s technology, and the company plans to cover them all. For instance, gaming applications like giving consumers the ability to instantly play demos instantly rather than waiting through a lengthy download, will operate under the banner of Approxy. But Numecent’s impact will be felt far beyond gaming; it makes any app a web app, and will likely revolutionize how we use our personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones.