Many success stories were born in Silicon Valley, and Calpine’s is one of those. Ranked as the fastest-growing company by Fortune, Calpine is one of the few power companies to first provid cleaner sources of electricity.

With the growing concern of consumers over the environment, some companies have followed suit. Switching to “eco-friendly” methods is neither particularly easy nor cheap, which is why only a few were able to complete the transition. Calpine, however, was way ahead of most companies when it came toproviding an alternative energy resource that is cost-effective, reliable and fuel efficient.

Calpine was created as a response to the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis that caused much debate in America. While legislators were tackling the possibility of domestic energy productions, Peter Cartwright and his co-workers, Guy F. Atkinson of the Construction Company, and the Electrowatt Corporation struck an arrangement to create a power plant that could provide geothermal energy. With an investment capital of just $1 million dollars, the partners set out to create Calpine.

Now, the company operates low-carbon, natural gas-fired and renewable geothermal power plants – their two key technologies. Not only do their power plants produce 90% less emissions, they are also 40% more fuel efficient than older fossil-fueled power plants. Presently, this technology is only available in a few parts of the world. As of today, Calpine can only deliver eco-friendly power to 20 states in America.

In line with their social responsibility, Calpine adheres to stringent standards for safe and efficient power plant operations. Their commitment is to implement operational practices that are safe for the environment; in fact, most of their projects exceed compliance standards for environmental legal protection. They also maintain strong relationships with the surrounding community of their plants to make sure that their presence does not, in any way, produce harm or distress.