The aging of the baby boomer population will lead to increased health care costs for approximately 79 million Americans. Baby boomers will qualify for Medicare when they reach age 65, but the federal insurance system does not provide enough coverage to pay all of their medical expenses, especially the increased cost of prescription drugs. PJP Health Agency Inc. can help.

Formed in 2008, the Garden City, New York-based agency provides solutions nationwide for senior citizens and others seeking affordable, alternative health care coverage. Following a free assessment of an individual’s or family’s health care needs, PJP Health Agency presents a wide variety of options, including major medical and short-term medical plans and supplemental products to cover vision, hearing, and dental care as well as prescriptions. Customers can choose among an array of features, including coinsurance, first-dollar coverage, out-of-pocket limits, maximum benefit amounts, benefit periods, and deductibles. Best of all, customers never need to leave their homes to obtain affordable medical insurance through PJP Health Agency.

As health insurance costs continue to grow and federal mandates related to health care complicate matters further, PJP health agency sifts through the information and provides personalized health care coverage at a reasonable price. The agency also offers life insurance, typically ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. Applicants must answer questions pertaining to their health, but PJP requires no medical examinations to qualify for coverage.