Wisconsin, renowned for being America’s dairy land, is also famed for its history of producing fine beers. One of the state’s premier brewers, Stevens Point Brewery, is also one of the five oldest continuously-operating breweries in the United States. Its tradition, dating back to 1857, is equaled only by the quality of its beers.

Like any craft brewer worth its salt, Stevens Point Brewery features a variety of both year-round and seasonal brews, as well as a handful of limited-production offerings. With names like Burly Brown Ale and Nude Beach, the brewery is not afraid to whip up daring flavors that challenge the ghosts of its formidable legacy.

One of Stevens Point Brewery’s biggest surprises is its Belgian White. Unlike many craft brewers that relegate their Belgian whites to a summer-only production schedule, Steven Point churns out its White beer all year long… and for good reason! Their Belgian White uncharacteristically leans against a dominant presence of wheat, and instead balances its body with a subtly increased pilsner presence. It’s hard to imagine, but a fresh pour of this Belgian White brings a taste of summer to the shores of Lake Michigan during even the coldest of Wisconsin’s sub-zero January nights.

In recent years, Stevens Point Brewery has spurned the temptation of selling out to a larger beer manufacturing operation, and it remains a locally-owned independent operation. Its heritage should remain a worthy badge of honor for years to come.